Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Rapper, Artist

Years active: 1993-Present

Lane McCray (born April 13, 1960 in Fort Bragg , North Carolina) is an American singer, songwriter, rapper and entertainer best known for fronting the famous '90s Eurodance Act La Bouche.

He was stationed in Germany and Turkey with the United States Air Force. As an all-around entertainer in the USA, Lane performed in regional musical theater productions of West Side Story, A Chorus Line, Tom Foolery, Sophisticated Ladies and La Bohème.

McCray left the USAF to pursue his musical career full-time. It was in Saarbrücken, Germany where he met Melanie Thornton (1967–2001) when they fronted the cover band Groovin' Affairs, going on to form La Bouche.

After Thornton died in a 2001 plane crash while promoting a re-release of her solo album "Ready to Fly", McCray shied away from the limelight and took some time to mourn his friend and partner. As of 2015 Lane (La Bouche) began working with Hungarian-born singer Sophie Cairo.

He devotes some of his time to those living with HIV/AIDS through local, national, and international foundations. Giving back is a huge part of who he is and is always looking for opportunities to do just that.

Lane is the son of Lane McCray Sr. (1937-2016) and Joyce McCray, brother of Doreen and Deidre and father of Shannon Breonna McCray and grandpa to Hamza Ishmael.

In September 2017, Lane released <Sweet Dreams 2017>, a brand new La Bouche single, followed by a large radio and online media campaign. The official lyric video entered the official MTV Video Charts and created a huge buzz among DJs all over the world. Right on time for the holidays, Lane released his Christmas Single <Thankful>, written by David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager and Richard Page with an official music video.

In August 2018, Lane was the featured vocalist on a song called <Take me to the river>, released by Linda Rocco, former member of 90s group Masterboy and also released another brand new La Bouche single called <Night after Night>.

Lane is currently preparing a new La Bouche album and started recording the first demos for his solo album. Over the past 25 years Lane has toured all over the globe bringing his talent on to the stage without taking time for himself. In an attempt to find his inner peace Lane began painting in early 2018 and discovered hidden talents he didn't know he had and as a way of relaxation and yet another creative outlet. His artwork has been quickly recognized and has been auctioned. One of Germany top newspapers BILD Zeitung acquired one of Lane´s paintings named <Sisters> that was sold at auction for the charity >Ein Herz für Kinder>. See the painting to the left.