This is a collection of Singles and Albums released by Lane over the years either as La Bouche, as a featured artist or solo artist. Lanes entire music catalogue can be streamed via Spotify or Apple Music.




This is a collection of Lane´s official music videos either as La Bouche or as a solo artist

Thankful (Official Video)

 Night after Night (Official Video)

Sweet Dreams Unplugged (SWR1 Gipfelparty)

Be my lover Unplugged (SWR1 Gipfelparty)

Sweet Dreams 2017 (Stonebridge & Damien Hall Remix)


 Sweet Dreams 2017 (Official Lyric Video)

 I´ll give (Official Video)

Heartbeat (Official Video) 


 Lane vs Diane Monique present Sweet Dreams 2015 (Official video)

 Be my lover (Official Video)

 Fallin ´ in love (Official Video)

 Sweet dreams (Original Video)

 I love to love (Official Video)

 Bolingo (Official Video)

 You won't forget me (Official Video)

 S.O.S. (Official Video)

 A moment of love (Official Video)

 In your life (Official Video)